What an engaging event:

Thanks to Paul and David for such an educative experience, and thanks to all of our attendees.

See the video of the event here

Music is an integral part of our lives. From very early ages we are exposed to music with rhythms and rhymes as an important part of childhood development. Music elicits emotional responses, fosters creativity and helps in our understanding of the world and our place in it. There is also evidence of the health and social benefits of music at all stages of life. 

Despite the benefits and beauty of music, there are questions whether as a society we value music in all its forms. If it is valued are we maximising the benefits of music for individuals and for the broader community through supportive and effective education programs for children in schools and diverse musical opportunities for society.

Discussing these important questions next Wednesday 10th July 2019 at a forum presented by the Newcastle Institute will be Dr David Banney and Mr Paul Bevan.

David and Paul worked together on ABC Newcastle presenting Banney’s Baton Banter, a fascinating discussion examining music in all its forms. David is conductor, a composer, and a music educator as well as practising locally as doctor. In addition to his role as a former ABC presenter, Paul has had a lifelong commitment to musicand in particular singing. He also played a crucial role in the establishment of the Hunter Orchestra.

In addition to discussing why music matters, David and Paul will provide an encore of their banter. This offers devotees of this former ABC Newcastle program with the opportunity to once again listen to these musical experts deliver a fascinating insight into music and its elements. This is a unique opportunity for followers of Banney’s Baton Banter, and others with a commitment, interest and love of music to understand why music must matter.

The event will commence at 6pm and conclude at 7.30pm. Everybody is welcome and registration is possible by clicking the link at the right.

July event: What? Music – Why does it matter?