The Next meeting of the New Institute will be at Souths Leagues club on Tuesday the 14th at 7pm.

The Topic is ‘Healthy Advertising’ , looking at the role of advertising in public health and similar campaigns. Speakers are Raoul Walsh and Mike Preston.

Most public advertising campaigns seem boring, unimaginative and ineffective.  Could things be different?

Raoul has been a leading contributor to the success of the anti-smoking campaign in Australia.  In the 1970s, he was part of the team that conceived the

“Kiss a non-smoker – taste the difference”

campaign, which broke the mould of public advertising by being fun, positive, “sexy” – and effective.  It laid the ground for other successful public advertising campaigns, including those for the AIDS epidemic.

Mike Preston was Creative Director of Peach Communications until recently.  He will present examples of the key techniques that can be used in advertising and communication campaigns, with successful and unsuccessful examples from existing television campaigns, as well as some fanciful campaign ideas for the future.

This meeting will particularly appeal to those involved in or studying communications and media; fans of the ABC’s “Gruen Transfer”; and those interested in how public campaigns can be used for current issues such as alcohol abuse, gambling, mental illness, or obesity.


Souths Leagues Club

Tuesday 14th June 2011


Healthy Advertising?